News and Events

Friends Meeting

There will be a Friends Group meeting Friday March 29th 2019. It will be held at the Harlan Hall, in room 111. 1000 W Collage Ave, Western New Mexico Univeristy at 7:00 pm. Presenter: Tim Geddes. Title: "Insect Diversity and Adaption". Tim attended the University of North Carolina and South Mississippi University and has a degree in Aquaculture. He has been involved for many years and writes natural history articles for the newsletter of Friends of City of Rocks. He has given presentations about wildlife to various groups in Silver City area. Imagine an animal that sings by rubbing parts of its body together, an animal that has ears on its legs or an animal that smells with its feet. No, its not from outer space but planet earth. They are insects. Learn more by attending the next meeting of the Friends. A general business meeting will be held following the presentaion. Free, and open to the public. Thank you for your continued support.


We have recently added new pictures to some of our pages. They have been added to this page as well as the Home and Our work. They were taken by Susan Moseley, Tim Geddes, Ms. Ranchelle Bergmann, for the meeting, Hwy clean up, and woodcutting. Pat Jones a volunteer for State Parks sent us pictures of the snow at City of Rocks State Park. Thank you all for the great pictures.

Give Grandley Event

Join us on May 11, 2019 for Give Grandly: 24 hours of giving to make our region stronger and create a thriving community for all. Give Grandly brings the region together as one community, raising money and awareness for our local nonprofits during the 24 hour online giving challenge.
Please make a donationg to support FREINDS OF CITY OF ROCKS on May 11th by going on line to:

or click on the link below and it will take you strait to the page to donate for the Friends Group.

Friends of City of Rocks.
Donations made on May 11th will be matched by the Community Foundation. This is a great opportunity to increase the amount of your gift to the Friends.
Come down to the Silver City Farmer's Market at 7th and Bullard Streets on opening day, Saturday, May 11, from 9:00 am to 2 pm to meet us and other nonprofits in the community. Farmer's Market vendors will be there with all their wonderful goods, as well as other food vendors and live music.
Thank you for your support!