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Friends of City of Rocks is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to assist in enhancing, preserving, and promoting the use of City of Rocks State Park.

City of Rocks State Park was established in May 1952. The park is located within the Chihuahuan desert and encompasses a total area of almost 3,000 acres. The main attraction of the property is the scenic giant boulders. The rocks that form the City of Rocks are known as the Kneeling Nun Tuff,

City of Rocks State Park has a variety of wildlife, plants, and hiking/biking trails. More than 300 plants have been identified and over 120 species of birds are either resident or migrate through the park. The 3.25 mile Hydra Trail encircles the park and transects pristine grasslands. Hiking/biking through the rocks is also permitted for experienced bikers,

Come and join us on Facebook. We keep both sites updated with the lastest news on what is happening at City of Rocks and with our Friends Group. You can post to our Facebook page and add pictures of your visit there.

We recently opened up a gift store inside the City of Rocks Visitor Center. There is a lot to offer campers, picnickers, and people just passing through the area. We also have free brochures of different places to visit.


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